JJ Science Show

JJ Science Show 1

Fizz, Pop, Bang! Show

Fizz, Pop, Bang! These are just a few of the things you will hear when you join professor JJ for some crazy experiments. You will learn all kinds of crazy things like how to make your own slime! How about learning to make your own rocket and letting it take off to the skies!

The show includes.

Pop Rockets – Making small rockets firing up in to the sky!

Making Slime – JJ will teach the children how to make there very own slime at home.

Balloon Test – Learn to inflate a Balloon without using a pump or your lungs.

Lava Lamp – Learn to make your own lava lamp to impress all your friends creating your own CO2 Gas.

Airplanes – Learn how airplanes fly with a demonstration from our toilet roll cannon.

With lot’s more experiments big and small!

All the experiments in the Professor JJ show are safe to be done at home under the supervision of an adult. This show includes full stage lights, professional PA and backdrop.

This show is like no other with over two years work in the making to make this show extremely visual and entertaining for children of all ages.

For further details on booking the show please contact JJ directly here

Please note: Smoke Detectors in room will need to be deactivated during show for full show experience. Show can be supplied without smoke routines for where alarms cannot be deactivated but you will lose extra experiences of the show. All smoke is non-toxic and water based and does not affect asthma. Quick clear smoke is used during the show so there will be no drifting fog. Show can only be performed on ground level due to size and weight of props in the show. Immediate parking available outside of venue will also be required.

Packages Available

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