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International Award Winning Professional Magician & Entertainer offering Family Corporate Entertainment for Family Attractions Worldwide.

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Welcome to JJ Family Entertainer – Your Premier Source for Family-Friendly Fun! With over 27 years of global experience, JJ Family Entertainer has been a beacon of joy for theme parks, family attractions, holiday parks, and resorts around the world. Our commitment to delivering professional and unforgettable family entertainment sets us apart.

Family Magic Shows: JJ will captivate audiences with mind-bending illusions and magical feats, ensuring an enchanting experience for guests of all ages.

Ventriloquism: Prepare to be amazed as JJ brings to life a cast of whimsical characters, including the mischievous Donut, the cheeky baby elephant. His playful antics and delightful mischief add a touch of whimsy to every performance.

Animatronic Wonders: Meet Chuck the Chimp, a lovable animatronic who cruises around in his Jeep, engaging with visitors and keeping them informed about the day’s activities. Controlled by JJ, Chuck has become a beloved fixture at attractions for the past 6 years, charming audiences with his charismatic interactions.


JJ Magic Show - Children's Entertainer
Years in business
Shows Performed
90 +
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14 +

Professional Attraction Entertainment

JJ, a seasoned entertainer with a flair for captivating audiences, has left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. Having performed before crowds exceeding 3,500 people, JJ has not only graced stages across the country but has also embarked on voyages, navigating the seas while enchanting audiences with his mesmerizing illusion show.

His journey includes a prestigious role as the resident children’s entertainer for First Choice and Thomson’s top family holiday resorts worldwide. Picture JJ bringing boundless joy to thousands of families, creating unforgettable moments and laughter that echoed through these renowned holiday destinations.

The adventure didn’t stop there – JJ’s talents transcended land to embark on the high seas. Onboard Brittany Ferries, he became a beacon of merriment, dazzling passengers with awe-inspiring magic shows, crafting whimsical balloon animals, and unleashing delightful mayhem that turned ordinary journeys into extraordinary experiences.

After this whirlwind of enchantment, JJ is now back and more ready than ever to weave his magic and charm into your world. With a wealth of experiences under his belt, he’s poised to bring the same level of excitement, wonder, and laughter to your audience. Get ready to be entertained as JJ takes center stage once again, ensuring that your event becomes a canvas for creating memories that will last a lifetime!


JJ Magic Show - Children's Entertainer


JJ performed at my daughter’s sixth birthday party and the whole experience was fantastic. He was prompt, organised, professional, hilarious, energetic and kept a room full of kids of varying ages captivated throughout! They all had a brilliant time and we can’t recommend him highly enough. Many thanks
JJ Magic Show - Children's Entertainer
Lucy Challis

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