Magicians in Lincolnshire

School Magic Workshops

JJ’s Children’s Magic Workshops are aimed at ages 2-13 yrs. JJ will begin the workshop with his comedy magic show together with Donut the elephant for lot’s of games, competitions and prizes too.

After the Magic show James will get everyone to find a partner so everyone can begin learning some amazing Magic Tricks to show all their friends and family.

The great thing about the JJ Magic Workshop is it will help encourage children to build confidence in performing and have them learn some new skills. 

Each child will get the chance to perform their Amazing new magic trick either infront of a friend or the whole workshop class.

Tricks can vary depending on the ages of Children in the workshop. The Great part for schools is you can integrate this into children learning about the history of magic as many other schools have done in the past. Below you will see pictures from a recent school classroom and how the school decorated it to teach the students about magic. 


A: The Workshop is designed for 90 – 120 Children for an afternoon


A: No we supply everything which is required to run the workshop.


A: The whole workshop length depends on number of children attending the Magic Show lasts 45 mins followed by groups of 30 – 35 Children in each workshop lasting 30minutes.


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