JamesSmithJames has worked around the world advising on shows and productions for holiday parks and theatre shows. These shows have required the need for that extra something to be completed in a safe and easy to accomplish situation. With over 20 years of magic knowledge James is able to help and advise how to make things happen. James has got knowledge in stage magic and illusion, special effects, pyrotechnics, lighting, special fx with balloon design, puppets and uv design. From making building disappear on TV to making a full production team appear on a empty stage James has the knowledge to accomplish the impossible!

James also holds a range of stage illusions which are available for hire for theatre and TV situations these include the following.

AGA Levitation

360 Degree Levitation

Axe Suspension

Tri Sector

Mangle Illusion

Mirrored Production Box

Flash Appearance

Fire Pyramid

Shadow Box Illusion

Chair Suspension

Head Mover Illusion

Babe In a Box

Head Guillotine

Swords thru Body (including vanishing body)

So-Inclined (Similar to Michael Jackson lean)

Zig Zag Girl

Other creations of James include, Wheelie Binned Illusion, Washing Machine Sub Trunk, Twisting Wring’em, Clearly Mental and lots more.