Family Time #1

Family Time #1

Hey everyone JJ The Family Entertainer here I just wanted to let everyone know this is going to be a new section to my blog on my site. I haven’t done a great deal on blogging for a while and as everyone knows it has been a very tough time for everyone during these COVID times however there does now appear to me a light at the end of the tunnel and things appear to be going back to as normal as things will be.

2020 The Year of Change

As we all know 2020 was a big change for lots of people in different ways however it was going to be a big change for me. I have spent many years working around the world but this year there was going to be something which kept me at home with my family somewhere I haven’t been for some time this would mean I would get to spend a lot of time with my partner and daughter. This was a very strange way of life for me sitting around in the garden not planning for my next show however it made me realise a few things which I have been missing from life the first was seeing my daughter play and grow up the second was how lucky I have been with my career that has taken me around the world.

Moving Forward to 2021

Moving forward to 2021 I have found myself in new employment until my job comes back as an entertainer which I have to say I really can’t wait as performance has been my life for so long and I just love making people laugh and enjoy themselves. However, in 2021 The best most Magical thing that happened the best news I have had since COVID has hit was the birth of my son. Things are going to be very different now in 2021 it has made me realise how amazing my life really is and how I can’t wait to put smiles back on peoples faces and feel like I have made a real difference to that persons day as no one ever knows what’s behind the smile.

2021 Blogs

Every week you are going to be seeing a new blog coming from me it might be a video or it might be me talking about the adventures I will be having with my family. I am really enjoying taking this time to have fun conversations with people who have seen me perform in my shows and people can now see a bit of a back story to the life of JJ The Entertainer.  I am astill based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire but my life will take me all around the world again I am sure but for now I am happy spending time with my family.

2021 is going to be a year to remember for all the right reasons however as I said for myself it will be for the birth of my son. From myself and all my family, we hope you like our blog and follow our adventures along the way. Also I am sure you are aware in my videos there are bound to be guest appearances from Donut, Wally & Chuck the Chimp too. Might have to wait a little while as my almost three-year-old would happily like the pull the head off wally she isn’t a great fan just yet but she’s getting better with him!

Right, I’ve gotta shoot now as babies crying time to go make up another bottle!